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Paperdolls Style
Wednesday, 10 October, 2012

Last week, I spilled an entire coffee down the front of my shift dress at work. I had a meeting in the afternoon and no time to go shopping. Thank goodness for Want It Now. Want It Now is a 3 hour same day delivery service here in Australia that will courier you a handbag, shoes, (or in my case, a new shift dress from The Iconic) in 3 hours of when you purchased online. 50 brands in Australia already use Want It Now as more and more people have less time to shop and want their products faster.

Why We Love Want It Now: We are busy chicks. We work 9 – 5, workout, blog, hangout with our boy friends, and go out for the occasional cocktail. Shopping is time consuming and more often than not, the stores are either closed or ransacked by the time we can actually get there. Want It is quite revolutionary as you can place your order, see you order in real time with their mobile app, and be sent a text when your courier is close to dropping off your newly purchased item.