Kid Magazine - Revolutionising online shopping one parcel at a time

Friday, 2 November, 2012

Once upon a time when a cassette tape Walkman was the only type of portable music player and Will Smith was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, aside from mail order, the only way you could shop was to physically walk into the store. Shopping at midnight was reserved for Christmas Eve and unless you travelled to the shop it was out of reach. Can you imagine??
I do still enjoy a spot of old-fashioned shopping but I love that I can also shop form the comfort of my lounge room/study/bedroom/bus seat. The problem is the delay of days or weeks while I wait for my treasure to arrive. Where is the fun in that?

Enter WantItNow the mail delivery service revolutionising online shopping in Australia. Founded by sisters Emma Cronin and Fiona Pearse, WantItNow partners with more than 60 online retailers to offer three hour business day delivery in the Sydney and Melbourne metro areas. Pearse says, "People don't want to wait - and why should they just because they are shopping online? We believe in instant gratification and are thrilled to be able to provide such an innovative service".