Australian Women Online - The Biggest Innovation in Online Shopping

Australian Women Online
Thursday, 11 October, 2012

Two sisters have launched the biggest innovation in online shopping seen in Australia to date.’WantItNow’ is a 3 Hour & Same Day courier delivery service now offered by a growing list of online retailers to metropolitan customers in Sydney and Melbourne.
Imagine the convenience of receiving your online shopping on the very same day. No more waiting for 3 – 7 working days for delivery of the perfect pair of shoes for that cocktail party, or decorations for a child's birthday. You ordered it and paid for it today, so why shouldn’t you have it today?
Created by two sisters, Emma Cronin and Fiona Pearse, has a broad range of retailers from designer gifts, gourmet food and costume hire, to online chemists, home appliances and prescription glasses, baby and mothers-to-be items, all easily accessed at the click of a button with the added convenience of same day delivery.